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Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing: Insights from VidSummit 2023 Creators

In the fast-paced world of marketing, staying ahead of the curve is essential. VidSummit 2023 provided an invaluable glimpse into the future of digital marketing trends, showcasing how emerging YouTube creators are pushing boundaries and making waves.

These insights are equally valuable for digital marketers looking to innovate and connect with their audience more effectively.

The Human Touch in Digital Content: Authenticity and Engagement

Digital content thrives on authenticity. The new wave of creators at VidSummit 2023 emphasized the importance of genuine storytelling and personal connection. For marketers, this means creating content that resonates on a human level. Engaging directly with your audience to shape content can lead to more meaningful interactions and stronger brand loyalty.

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Innovation and Risk-Taking: Stepping Beyond Comfort Zones

The digital arena is a playground for innovation. VidSummit 2023 highlighted the success of those who dared to experiment with new formats and ideas. For marketers, this underscores the need to constantly evolve and try new approaches, whether it’s through interactive content, augmented reality experiences, or untested platforms.

Embracing risk can lead to groundbreaking campaigns that set you apart in a crowded digital space.

Community Building: Beyond Views and Subscribers

A strong community is the backbone of enduring digital success. VidSummit’s creators illustrated that views and subscribers are just the beginning. Building a community involves fostering engagement, creating a sense of belonging, and providing value beyond the content itself. 

Leveraging Nostalgia and Emotional Connection

Nostalgia is a powerful tool in the marketer’s arsenal. VidSummit 2023 showcased how creators tap into shared memories and emotions to create content that resonates deeply. Marketers can leverage this by anchoring their campaigns in familiar themes that evoke nostalgia, thus building a stronger emotional connection with their audience.

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The Future is Scripted (and Unscripted): Diverse Content Strategies

The future of content is diverse. VidSummit 2023 revealed the growing importance of balancing scripted and unscripted content. This blend offers something for every audience segment, from highly polished, narrative-driven pieces to raw, authentic vlogs. Understanding your audience’s preferences for content formats is crucial.


VidSummit 2023 was a clarion call for marketers to embrace the evolving digital landscape. The emerging trends underscored at the summit – from authenticity and community building to innovative content formats – are not just fleeting fads but signposts to the future of digital marketing. By adapting these insights into your strategy, your brand can not only keep pace with the changing digital world but also lead the charge in shaping its future.

all right so my name is Judah Lee from TU buddy by bin labs and we had our inaugural winners here from the emerging Creator Awards and they were nominated by their community and by a panel of experts to be here today and these are the creators who are absolutely killing it right now on YouTube so we brought them on stage so we could have a conversation and try to unearth some of the insights that they have many of you know who’s up here they’re really smart people we’ll save some time at the end
for a Q&A but just to get things going I’m not going to put anybody on the spot yet I’m just going to ask this question because Mr Beast has this statement where he says the difference between a 1 million view video and a 30 m million view video is the idea and raise your hand if you posted a video that you’re like oh I freaking love this idea and it flopped like have you ever had that experience before so okay so I think that most of us make videos that we are are confident in like nobody goes
out their way to make a video that’s going to flop and you’re always giv the advice just to come up with a stronger idea I don’t think that’s very helpful so my question to all of you because you’re crushing it right now all of your videos are going freaking nuts like how do you validate what a good idea is anybody can answer that um I think the abuse are always going to go up and down it’s like a wave and you can’t really you can do your best to predict it for me if I have fun and this sounds so stupid but honestly
like if I have fun making it and I can be proud of the idea for me that’s like a win obviously if it’s 10 out of 10 I’m a little bit sad but uh no if I have fun and and I like the experience I’m not going to take it down yeah um I’ll add to that I agree I agree with that totally um personally for me what I like to do is tap into uh tap into the Nostalgia into like uh the child within us cuz it’s still in there you know and I like to think of like if I was a kid and I saw this on TV would I
be like ah I want that I like I that’s exciting to me if they if it like awakens that inner child it’s a solid idea so I like that’s kind of my threshold there well let me let me follow up with that so just to some more context here because I think a lot of us creators we struggle with these this balance between us as an artist like as an artist we want to create a certain type of content that we feel deep down and passionate about but on the other side we have to be like this analyst who looks at data
and use that to drive us and inform the decisions that we make with our content so like how are you finding that balance between the two of being an artist and being an analyst but also like creating like creating great ideas looking at the data but also what you feel like you want to be making right on usually uh my ideas start with um something that I’m passionate about and usually that’s art and I find a way to take that idea and make it work in the format of a YouTube video or I guess any social media video
um and I guess if I can get that to work then uh and I’m proud of it as I press the publish or post button well then I’m I’m satisfied M yeah I I run my ideas by team members and my Discord community so I I just bounce ideas back and forth with people I’ll say I have this idea for a video what do you think of it and ideally they’ll tell me if it sucks or not but that’s typically what I’ll do is I’ll I’ll try to bounce ideas around and you know start with a a general concept and
then get feedback on it and evolve it and evolve it and evolve it until eventually we’re both in agreement that this video is a winner we’re not always right but we kind of come to an agreement that this video is a winner and and we always know too that we can tweak titles and thumbnails and stuff after it’s published so even if the the concept the hook isn’t a winner we could still go back and mess with it a little bit more and try again I want to dive deeper in that like what’s a winner like
how do you know what’s a winner well so I make AI content right so it’s very specific to like AI news and the the current events in Ai and so I know whenever there’s like a big news event I’m going to do a video that pops right because a lot of people are actually search ing my channel out now to find out about AI content and when they know there’s a big event they’re like I’m going to go see if Matt’s talked about this one yet so you know whenever there’s a big event I always know those
videos are going to do well um but whenever it’s sort of more of like a random concept of a a video idea of like I’m gonna I’m gonna make a deep fake of myself and then I’m GNA put it into this music video or you know something random like that we never really know when we’re going into it but if we know we have like a really good title and thumbnail we know it’s probably going to do pretty well but at the end of the day it’s it’s all just kind of Sur uh searching for feedback I’ll go back and
forth with people until I we we just go all right this one seems like it’s going to be a winner now let’s put it out there and find out yeah yeah um my name’s Dominique we run a kids channel and I have twins so they’re my immediate feedback they’re two and a half and they’re the most critical uh human beings on the planet so when we do activities I generally like do it with them and either I get two responses do it again which is okay that that might be something daddy let’s watch something
else and so it’s really awesome to get that immediate feedback and then upload it and then get the feedback from parents from other platforms like hey that worked that worked so uh that’s been really awesome for us on that end and I don’t know if you want to piggyback off that yeah no I you took the words right out of my mouth um creating content for kids is absolutely incredible but also their minds are also constantly changing so we get to you know grow with them as they’re growing up developmentally
mhm uh similarly I I have a wife who’s here supporting me as well and I make Minecraft videos uh primarily and she has never played Minecraft like at all and never probably will and I think for me if I have a good idea it’s one that intrigues her like it’s an audience that is not invested in the game itself it’s more about the idea and the the story that you’re going to tell with it so if I think if you have the passion behind it and you have this kind of intrigue of the idea itself then
that is going to be probably a winner I love this so I have another question for anybody who wants to speak up on this it’s a lot of creators here like they’ve been grinding for years after years and not seeing many results like so like let let me put Manuel in a spot real quick Manuel I met you two years ago and the video you posted when I met you it has like a thousand views today exactly two years later you posted your first video that crossed a million views first of many videos to cross a million views and
I follow him online and I see you grind you’re up editing to like 4:00 a.m. you’re out with the boys and like sharing a house getting it done my question is like for the creators out there I think they wanted know this it’s like did you always believe in yourself but like how do you keep that energy going when things aren’t working out early on yeah um no I like don’t believe myself now like I just you like I I have a hard time uh believing myself but that’s where a lot of my ideas come from like I pick an
idea and if it doesn’t scare me a little bit then I’m not going to do it um because I found that like I’m if I’m too comfortable I’m not stretching myself creatively if you’re going to through a rough time um I I’ve been there so many times I feel like you just got to understand that like the dream that we most most of us have is to be creators you don’t need to get paid to be a Creator if you’re editing if you’re posting if you’re filming you’re doing it you’re just not getting paid for it
just yet but that’s something I kind of had to like come into terms with where it’s like I might never get paid for this I may never get a brand deal but um I’m just going to do this until I die and that’s it and eventually started to change but my process and how I think about it hasn’t like I do things that scare me um I have a hard time believing myself but I believe that I can figure it out along the way so yeah yeah absolutely so uh to piggyback off that um I I read this book called mindset and
you either have a closed mindset or a growth mindset and instead of sitting here saying I’ve been doing this for 10 years and nothing is failing uh and everything I’m I’m losing the opportunities I I changed it to um I’m undefeated right I’ve either won or I’ve learned a lot and when you in include that into your lifestyle everything that you continue to keep doing keeps growing and growing we’re in an industry as creators that we can look back at our content two years ago and go what the
heck was I doing like who allowed me to get in front of the camera press record and then show myself and add comments and it’s awesome that there’s not many industries that allow you to look back on your and self-reflect on yourself and then also uh apply those pieces the third the second thing is like the people next to me and the people next to you like continue to Foster those uh relationships you never know um what they’re capable of doing and and what they’re weak at that you might be strong
at and what they’re strong at that you might be weak at for instance this guy Matt I was very uh weak at just trying to figure out how to uh make it more efficient in uh in the editing process or just researching and everything found them on YouTube looked at all his AI content instantly grew my efficiency in my workflow uh and has changed our Channel a lot in these last two months and so it’s fostering relationships that you make here fostering relationships online Discord channels all that that will really help you continue that you
know I don’t want to give up mindset I think another thing is uh think about what’s the alternative so for me before I was uh a full-time YouTuber I was working at factories and like it sucked you know like I hated what I was doing and it was either that or make this YouTube thing work you know so you know if you if if that’s your dream always think like what’s the alternative I could yeah sure I can go do this and work at this job but if I make this thing happen even if you’re not getting
paid a ton for it just like pays off off you know like like like you said it I could do this forever not make a dime but I’d rather do this than go back to the old life I was living so [Applause] yeah well I can let’s talk about this a little bit more because we’re talking about keeping that energy going even though it’s tough like you you you got to just stick to it but all of you up here you’re you like you’re successful now you made it through but like think back to like when you only had 100
subscribers a th000 subscribers like what was a mindset or action that you were doing that was actually holding you back in retrospect I got a good one for this let’s hear it uh early on I was talking to talking to him about this earlier early on I was looking at analytics a lot and when you’re only getting a couple hundred views on a video or a couple thousand views on a video those analytics are basically worthless because that is not not your audience yet those are just random people that YouTube decided to show your video to so
I was I was getting really caught up early on like oh I got 20 views on this video the retention chart comes in and I’m like oh people dropped off here they must not liked that thing I did when real in reality I could have been doing something groundbreaking that if I stuck with it eventually it could have been huge you know so I think uh people get a little too caught up with the with the analytics in the back end early on instead of just focusing on like having a good time and learning how to craft what you know craft their own creativity
and just work you know make something fresh and yeah that was for me yeah I’ve actually so I started my YouTube channel back in 2009 so I’ve been uh on YouTube for 14 years now and it was I had 2,000 subscribers on my Channel all the way up until 2022 so it wasn’t until uh October of last year that I started actually pivoting and talking about AI a little bit more and in 2023 alone I’ve gained 438,000 subscribers just this year alone and I think the the mistakes that I made along those 13ish years when I was doing
the YouTube stuff was I kept on trying to like Chase Trends people would talk about this I should go make a video about that or somebody would talk about this I should make videos about that and then when and when AI came along and started to get more popular in 2022 I fell in love with it started making content about about it and I just found my thing and it was just like like that that was it and I just started making that and I found the thing that I was excited about but also people were excited to watch and when I
found that intersection I just I went all in on that sort of crossover and so that that was sort of my story of how I spent 13 years going nowhere on YouTube and one year kind of skyrocketing our our story is really funny because if it wasn’t for Vimeo um trying to charge me uh our channel would not exist I was basically we were making videos for my kids for when they come home and she was our babysitter and um I try to upload them on Vimeo and um I didn’t have enough space so I said all right let’s throw them up on YouTube I
guess and within like two days she calls me and says like Hey we’re at 10,000 views and 800 subscribers and we had no descriptions no tags no thumbnails no keywords that’s not very relatable and I and I did that for four months we just kept uploading and I did not actually take the opportunity to just know the basics of the tools that are out there about YouTube not trying to be the expert at it but just knowing the foundation of those things and as a filmmaker like I’m always thinking about well I know the visual is good and it’s
ah the angles are great and stuff and it was more like no you need to put a title on this thing and uh a thumbnail and and keywords and that in that matter so just really uh maximizing the tools that are out there um but not trying to kill yourself every day and trying to be an SEO expert of those things so so like my next question to a lot of you so like for example Bry uh you you make gaming content right and not like gaming is like very saturated would you agree a little bit a little bit just a little bit and and then not
only that you’re doing gaming and mcraft like I feel like that’s like like so many people are hungry to do that like Matt like so many people are like trying to make AI content and it’s like and across the board for all of your channels you’re doing stuff that a lot of other people you’re in a niche in a space that a lot of other people are trying to get into and so my question is like how are you breaking out out of like like breaking out like how are you all getting the line share of attention
like how are you standing out in these saturated niches yeah I think cash and Nico did a talk about something like this and they can probably answer it way better than I could but for me personally I think I look at content like a Melting Pot so if I like how Ryan trean tells a story but I like how like Rec RP 2 puts a Minecraft video together I can kind of put those things together and it starts to drive my channel in a different direction and it’s maybe not right off the start a super unique thing that
makes you stand out but over time you keep adding these little pieces and these little elements that you like maybe somebody’s subtitle style or or maybe the cuts j cuts L Cuts whatever you just pick up these little tricks and over time you develop the style that really helps you stand out individually instead of just getting caught up in the pack of making the videos that you think you’re supposed to make because that’s what is popular like they think the goal and the key should be to stand out and
to find a way to make yourself a lot more individualized in order to attract a bigger audience for your Niche I think for us since we create children’s content I mean I’m sure you all have heard all of those really popular nursery rhymes that we all grew up with that are constantly replay and are I’m going to say a little Annoying um but for us we started to create music that is relatable for parents and engaging for parents and their kids and I think that helps us stand out a bit more um yeah is there
anything you want to add to that no nothing’s more satisfying when parents are finding us on Instagram saying why am I listening to this song when my kid is asleep more than my kid is watching this and our goal was like not a lot of kids channels out there are thinking about the parent right um and we want to allow that fostering relationship between the kid and parent to enjoy these activities at the same time and that’s going to build a better relationship especially in this digital age if you can’t beat the system how do
you create a system that benefits uh both the parent and the kid so that’s all of our music is like parent driven we always think about the parent first because if they can continue to keep playing that well the kid is going to keep playing that and and that’s really where we’re like aha like let’s stick here in this in this world yeah being totally transparent I don’t totally know why people gravitate towards my content I’ve never I’m still trying to figure it out but but I will
say that um the AI Niche is is interesting because there’s a lot of content creators out there that are using AI to create content and they don’t really gain a lot of traction and then there’s also a lot of AI creators out there that just sort of talk about about what’s going on and my goal with my channel is always how do how is this practical how how are you actually going to use these tools this AI tool is really cool but what does that mean for your life this AI tool um I find it really helpful so let me make a video
and show how it can help you in your business workflows or you know in your life workflows and so I think that’s sort of what makes my channel Stand Out is I’m always trying to think of okay this is really cool and I want to talk about it but how can you use it and I think that’s worked out well for me yeah I think another way that really works for me is I try to combin uh hobbies that typically don’t work together so like I have a pet frog and I do visual effects with it and usually you don’t see stuff like that
which helps you stand out in a way that I guess is much different than most people out there trying to get into these niches so I guess consider combining multiple niches together to make something uniquely your own what I like to do is um because I make weird content and I’m a weird guy and I like to exaggerate the weird as much as I can uh so sometimes if I’m doing something like this is weird how can I make this more weird how can I make this so weird that no one else is going to want to do this and well I mean I still
like to do it so I I pretty much take any opportunity to be uh as as weird or just as Jake as possible cuz like we’re all we’re all very different you’re all very different lean into what makes you different as hard as you can and you’re going to end up creating something that is so unique and uh yeah no one will touch [Applause] it uh for for me I don’t I think about it as like a story perspective like why do I have to tell the story not not like how can I be better than like I don’t
know someone else but it’s like why do I have to tell the story and I think people should probably think about it this way more just cuz like if you think about it if someone makes a video traveling to every country let’s say Mr Beast does that video it’s going to perform really well and uh it’s going to be cool but if someone who’s a barista and is making almost no money and has never traveled to any country and she’s making a series about traveling to every country I think that is significantly
more interesting than someone who has a ton of money trying to travel to every country like the editing might be better on Jimmy’s but I think just figuring out why you specifically need to tell the story I feel like that helps has helped me a lot [Applause] so Jake I have some of your video titles right here h I built a jet ski out of trash that’s right I built a secret arcade in public yes my favorite I built a plastic wrap Treehouse your ideas are crazy all right so my thing with just everybody but but
especially Jake I really want to hear this from you um I think a lot of creators have this idea of what they want to create and I don’t know if anybody seen like this really Dope video called The Gap where it like talks about like as creators sometimes we want to make something but our skills our abilities uh we can’t quite get the outcome that we were looking for maybe I wanted to draw this like monal Lisa and it you know kind of looks like SpongeBob or something at the end and so like my thing with with this is like how do you
what’s like the process look like from for you because you’re going after crazy ideas and from start to finish like how do you go from man this would be a dope concept that I don’t know how I’m going to do it to actually achieving it cuz I think a lot of cre are struggling from like man I have a dope idea I just don’t know how to do it I think I a big thing like so like you say like the these ideas are crazy um they’re actually really cheap as well and this whole out of trash series I build a lot
of things out of trash and that all it turns out to be a very creative idea that works but it it didn’t just start with me being like Oh that’s a cool idea it started with me having absolutely no money and I was like I want to build this thing for a video and I don’t have the budget to do it so I found stuff and I I wanted to build a car I wanted to build a go-kart for a video and I had nothing so I drove around and picked trash up off the side of the road and I made it out of trash and it was a way
better idea than just building a go-kart so I think the the fundamental behind it is limits and boundaries you can make an amazing movie off of a $20 million right but you can make like an even like scrappier with more heart and more creativity with $10 and I think setting boundaries is where you really let your creativity flourish and like that’s that’s a big takeaway I would say the the the less options you have it forces you to be more creative so give yourself some boundaries it’ll help I like that
creative constraints exactly yeah I like that and like Manel like I watch your channel and and it’s like yeah you’re crazy too you really are and so like I I kind of want to know that for you too it’s like some of the things you’ve done is like so unbelievably hard like getting on to Wednesday standing outside of McDonald’s until you get Ryan Tran and Brandon like it takes so much work like how do you just like come up with this and then bring it to completion um I I don’t know I I uh
I just try my best and uh I think definitely a switch happened when I moved uh I moved from Florida most of my families over there most of my friends were over there and then I like decided to like content creation was going to be my thing um and then I typically get into this mindset I’m pretty sure it’s unhealthy but it’s like it’s like I’m either going to do this or I’m going to die trying um and yeah I stood outside of McDonald’s for as long as I could uh I still I held a sign as high as I could
and I I don’t I think things are a lot more simple than than we think they are you know I like somewhat for some reason people have convinced us that things are hard I just don’t think so like and uh you know I tried getting on to Wednesday it’s one of the biggest shows in the world with no acting experience that’s a pretty cocky thing to do it’s honestly kind of stupid but right now I have worked with uh General Tas old acting coach that was my first acting lesson I think that’s pretty cool I’ve gone to
Romania never thought I could go to Romania never I’ve never wanted to go to Romania they didn’t even know it was a country um and then I’ve also uh three of the PE the actors from the show now follow me on Instagram I’m not on the show just yet but just by setting that goal of like I’m going to get onto the show I’m going to get on to one of the biggest shows in the world as a kid from Cuba I feel like that is like pretty inspiring especially like for other people who don’t come from much so that
for me has has helped me and I think you just got to set these goals as like kind almost like stress you and you’re going to become the person who is going to achieve it you’re not going to achieve it right here but you’re going to gain the skills and stuff so I don’t I just don’t think it’s that hard we over complicated I think I don’t want to answer for you but this man’s got heart he’s got a heart love it so I I see this time is this like time until Q&A or is this like
the time we got and like we’re done time till c Okay Okay Okay cool so in 3 minutes we’re going to do Q&A um let me think here um I kind of want to go to Dominic and Sarah real quickly because this is a very very Niche question because you have a made for kids channel and made for kids channel you don’t have comments you don’t have like a community Tab and those are the things that a lot of us we use as feedback to understand like what our audience is saying and thinking so my question to you both is like how do you
interact with your community without comments yeah that’s that’s a great question um and I didn’t realize that we couldn’t comment or used comments until four months into our Channel as well so so just use me as a instrument of like if if Dom can do it I can do it too um we were always trying to get feedback we had immediate families and parents that we would reach out to and then she came up with the brilliant idea of like hey let’s put a Instagram Channel together I’m like oh yeah yeah that that makes
sense that’s where all the parents are at and then when we started taking our videos and making short versions of them and then pointing them back we always asked um as we did that through stories and shorts like give us your feedback like we are okay if you telling us that it’s terrible even let us know like how the fonts are for your kids things of that nature and really right now we use that as our driving mechanism to come up with the ideas we um we then Reach Out say hey come to our website we’ll
feature your kids name on our video as a way of saying thank you for being a part of circle time but also like please roast us as best as possible the only way we’re going to make content better for the kids and for the parents is by getting honest feedback and it’s been an incredible uh running tool for us um and then Sarah’s uniquely uh uh story is awesome because she’s a teacher herself and so I yeah so I came from a teaching background and I have a lot of teacher friends we’re all in preschool daycare
nannies you name it we’re there uh and having their feedback on what we should teach and how we should teach has been just incredible for our Channel um teachers Rule and um the the feedback that we get from the parents through Instagram is the most heartwarming things I’ve probably ever read like one of our comments was um our our speech pathologist mentioned your channel to us and since then our child has been more verbal at the age of three and it’s it’s like I said absolutely heartwarming so
that’s how we communicate with our with our audiences through Instagram and Tik Tok that’s amazing I love that all right so I see the timer going down and I want to leave some time for Q&A there’s really really smart people on stage right now so I don’t know if there needs to be a little line or you just raise your hand for a mic if there’s a question that you want to ask somebody specifically or a topic you want to throw out there uh let’s make that happen is m i just go hello my name is
Griffin I am super interested in scripted content and I feel like there’s a big future on that so I’m just interested I know Jake your stories have a lot of bots and you create kind of scripted telling so I think it’s there’s a lot of potential for that and I’m just curious on the panel’s perspective on what the future of scripted and unscripted content look like on YouTube um I mean I think scripted or non-scripted there’s a future for every every type of content on YouTube but I
uh personally I I I don’t really script that much I know it might seem like it but I actually it’s a lot of it’s just like record and make it up as you go I think it’s actually pretty pretty important to uh you know give yourself that space to be creative throughout the whole process rather than just like holding yourself to this uh format throughout the whole the whole thing you know if you if you script it too tight you’re going to be locked in and there’s not going to be any room for creativity
later on down the road but [Applause] oh wonderful oh you go cool uh so to build off that idea I personally script everything I’ve got my storyboard set up and I’ve got all my content ready to go uh before I even press record and uh but I do give myself this ability to improvise it’s I use it more of a foundation to guide me through the creation process instead of staying super true to what I wrote it I feel like it just helps um create a stronger story knowing what you’re getting into love it so anybody else with
questions there’s like big bright lights on us so I can’t quite see if you have your hand raised yeah I I’ll give you my mic how about that than well now I can’t see here we go would you like to hold the mic or oh you’re not doing it I can ask question I I do have a question um so a lot of what I’ve been hearing uh at the show uh people talking about sort of owning your brand and you know monetizing off platform I’m wondering if the panel has any thoughts on that like how you’re
thinking about that you know how you’re thinking about your business um you know beyond just sort of the immediate views Subs all that kind of stuff so um we we’ve actually started started thinking about that about like a couple months ago when um we did a we did a potty training song music uh like a A hip-hop track and there were parents that were actually saying hey do you have a book like that would compliment this and once again us being the smart people we are we’re like oh yeah that that might why didn’t we think of that
and so it actually started opening up just levels of monetization outside a platform because we solely for the first 12 months just depended on YouTube ad revenue and now as we’re s sitting here thinking about books clothing story pods um it not only is it uh beneficial for us to understand like how the audience is thinking about us outside of the channel but it’s really changed our way of like okay now we want to really take this to the next level and let’s bring the right people on board for that and
so it’s it’s awesome to really believe like you can start creating a brand without actually having a brand and other people see you and think that you are a brand and then internally you’re like oh I am a brand and so that that’s really uh our next our next phase of of content thank you hey thanks guys it’s McKenzie Mill um sometimes being creative is a blessing and a curse and I’m just wondering how you keep on focus on on track and not get sidetracked by all the shiny objects uh what by shiny objects you
like money or what do you mean no I mean like art and project and Woodworking and Sawmill and yeah all the things that make you creative or an artist yeah well I mean I think you should guess sidetracked a little bit I think you should enjoy it like especially like if that’s what you like um time constraints are helpful for all of us that are creative because if you don’t have a deadline you’re just always going to keep doing it you’re a Creator so you’re always going to try to perfect it um so I think a deadline definitely
helps me um yeah I think that’s the biggest thing that has helped me especially if I’m procrastinating a lot if I or if I’m overthinking it having a deadline and knowing that I have to shoot it at that specific date or I have to posted at that date that has helped me so I a little bit to add to that so I I I I think I get what you’re saying you have a lot of hobbies I would assume yeah so I’m same way I love to draw I love to make music I play you know three different instruments so it’s like how
do I make time to make content and fulfill all these other things that I like but I yeah I do like to I do like to prioritize okay like YouTube this is I love it but it’s also my job so prioritize that that’s like my work that at the end of the day I’ll draw a little bit or I’ll I’ll grab a coloring book or something you know what I mean like I actually you know it’s fun but I and then I yeah taking time to also thinking of ways to incorporate those extra Hobbies into what you do so like
oftentimes the music that I create I’ll use in my in my videos so if there’s ever like a creative way you could work these things together that always helps so that way you’re not really it’s not a distraction anymore it’s actually just helping so all was that was great thanks hi guys uh first time I’ve VI Summit uh Victor lardi first my vid Summit Victor lardi I am the executive executive producer with talking just talk with King ferand and one of the questions that I have is AI tools and which one like which is your
favorite AI tool to use and how to use it in your creative process um so there’s a lot of AI tools I have a website where I curate AI tools and there’s 2400 tools on that website um so there’s just so many possible tools I can talk about um but you know for my own processes I use AI tools for research right a lot of the a lot of the stuff that I post on my channel is related to AI news and the latest AI tools so I actually use a tool called Feedly Leo which is a a research tool it’s a RSS feed reader but it will also
sort of surface information from around the web that is related to the content you’re looking for and then you can sort of train it over time and say I want less like this content more like this content less like this and then it’s this AI generated feed of just information that you’re looking for so that’s how I kind of stay on the the you know my keep my finger on the pulse of the latest that’s going on in Ai and then as far as like the creative process there’s so many different AI tools out
there that speed up the creation process there’s one called autopod which is a Adobe Premiere plugin that will help you chop up your interview cont content using AI so that the camera is always pointed to the right person there’s um opis clip who I was just talking to somebody one of the founders at Opus clip here it will take your long form video and find the perfect little clips for short form video and then you can take it it sort of analyzes it using Ai and then figures out the exact moments that they think will go viral in short
videos um but this is one of those topics where they’re going to need to take the mic from me because like I can I can probably list off like 200 AI tools to add uh I was in your I was in your boat trying to figure out AI if you everybody if you have not gone to Matt Wolf’s YouTube channel and future tools.
iio um he’s he breaks it down and SE segments it for us for creators like and makes videos on how you can utilize it in your process as well and once again it’s been a super power tool to meet this guy in person and and Fanboy all over them one more thing thank you all for your contri RB to society thank you awes uh this is for question for you um man I we like your haircut uh for tube tubby I personally don’t use it I’ll be honest um but if you were to pitch me with like one tool that was like like
recommend for a YouTuber for long form videos what do you what do you recommend man I will make this super quick cuz I don’t want we we can talk about tubebuddy anytime um but I would say like my favorite tubebuddy tool you know for me is Av testing right now I know YouTube’s coming out with a AB testing tool we don’t have it yet so you know right now that AB testing tool is the thing that I use the most or click magnet to help me understand really there’s a tool that lets you see videos that are high
performing as far as like the analytics behind the scenes but has like a low click through rate and like we have hundreds of videos and it’s able ble to just like find these videos that have higher opportunities if we were just to change like the title or thumbnail so those are the ones I use the most but I want to get back to them we we can talk later I actually want to add those are I’m excited for those and AB testing um and congrats on getting Olivia Rodrigo to promp so out to you thank you bro big fan Alpha
House hello my name is Eric calron I just have a quick like two-part question how has consistency like do you guys up upload same time every week is it does consistency play a role in your success and does anybody use like paid advertising to try to get more views and subscribers sure uh personally I don’t really have a schedule that I follow um some months I will post only two uh videos and other months I will post you know multiple and I guess for me it is short form content that I create um and there’s a lot of creators out
there telling you that you need to be posting constantly which is not the case personally I think you should be making sure that your content is high quality and it will get you a much larger audience than if you were to post 10 lower quality videos I’ll add to that um personally I don’t have a specific schedule I I’ll post every three weeks every six weeks kind of like whenever I want um and that I mean my videos are pretty successful and I think it’s more important to have consistency with brand
and quality you know you don’t want to post a video that’s amazing and then next week post something that’s just subpar you know you want to keep that consistent so I would say consistency as far as quality like you said is way more important than how many you’re putting out yeah my with with my channel I’m I’m probably like the lowest effort content creator here everybody else puts like so much more into their videos um because I’m I’m basically reporting on the news and and just talking about the latest
tools and stuff and when when my channel started to talk about Ai and I started to see some results talking about AI I decided I’m going to like triple down and I actually started making videos every single day and I went about I don’t know 37 days in a row of making a new video every single day and during that time was when I had the the biggest growth on my channel was just going for it every single day and now I post only once a week because I was going to burn out if I kept on going at that pace um
but I think I’m probably an outlier because most of my content I’m just like flipping on the camera and and going and and so I can I can actually crank out content pretty quick but the second part of the question I’ve never done YouTube ads to try to grow my channel so I don’t know if anybody else here has so to to add to their thing um it’s good to tell your audience when you can post for us parents are like are you guys going to make another video video next week I’m like I got a full-time job I got twins I
can’t do this on a daily basis but we have a thing in our uh Channel at the top that says we post once a month and then we also update them and so the audience will stick around if you just consistently consistently uh communicate to them as far as Google ads yes we were doing that a lot and we found out at this um at the summit like for our channel is like the worst thing you could possibly do and so I’m sitting there and I’m just going to be transparent with was like for some niches it does work but for kids content
we don’t get the watch History um and the viewership um so when we are hoping that if they’re going to a certain kid’s Channel and they see our ad like it would bring them back in the watch History when they come back the next day it doesn’t work for us and we’ve been doing that for six months because our Google rep has told us yeah do the Google ads but they scamed me again and I’m going to figure out I’m going to figure out how I’m going to get my money back but but it’s a learning lesson when
and learn and lessons not a loss we don’t look at that as a loss we look at that as a lesson learn so well it looks like do we have time for one more or do we need to wrap it up okay so what we’re going to do if you’re still in line we can just take it offline over there and answer those questions but let’s give them a round of applause real quickly so we’re going to hang out over here and we have a boo Booth the two budy bin Labs Booth is uh just literally that direction I don’t know how to
describe this area but we’re going to be hanging out over there if you have more questions come holla.

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