Webinar – Driving Brand Affinity Using Entertainment as a Marketing Channel

Did you miss Erin Schmidt’s webinar last week? No worries, we have you covered!

Starting out, Erin talked about the three main issues facing Brands:

  • Ad avoidance by audiences
  • Decentralization across content and platforms
  • Lack of intelligence around audiences

BENlabs uses AI to help Brands follow audiences and find the most engagement. By mapping the entire entertainment landscape, BENlabs is able to see how audiences truly engage in content, not just the demographics. This allows us to see how content will perform both in the short-term and over time. We also have a culture impact metric that measures how a Brand fares in the content they are in.

Brands looking to reach audiences in this fragmented landscape can take advantage of these tools through product placement.

And why product placement? Watch full highlights of the webinar to find out more about how product placement can benefit your Brand.

About this presentation

BENlabs is a tenured, holistic company that is solution-agnostic and data-based. Erin Schmidt is Chief Product Placement Officer at BENlabs. 

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