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Creator Spotlight: Authentic Cuisine + Authentic Content with José Barraza, @nowayjosecuisine

José Barraza - @NoWayJoséCuisine

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Watching José Barraza, AKA @NoWayJoseCuisine, two things become clear pretty quickly:

  1. You come for recipes but you stay for the energy and…
  2. You’re hungry (or maybe that’s just us)

Barraza’s content focuses on authentic Mexican and fusion cuisine or “my way,” as he puts it. Tacos Paseados (my way), bolis de fresca (my way), pulled pork al pastor (my way). On Instagram and elsewhere, audiences can get a peek and whet their appetites… and Barraza has a way of integrating fun, trending content into his own:

On YouTube, Barraza goes deeper into the recipes, showing audiences how to do it themselves. All the time, bringing an infectious energy and a clear love for cooking and food to his content and his recipes.

Barraza is a creator in the BENlabs Creator Community and personifies the authenticity that builds a loyal audience and that makes brand collaborations feel natural and rewarding.

Q&A WITH José Barraza

Q: What inspired you to become a content creator?

The love I have for cooking! I was always sharing my cooking with friends and family on Facebook; then during the pandemic I decided to become a content creator.

Q: How would you describe your brand as a content creator?

Fun, authentic Mexican, Fusion cuisine, and easy recipes is what you will find in my brand.

Q: What are the biggest challenges you face as a content creator?

It’s still hard to realize that the stability that I used to have in my management job, is no longer possible being a full time content creator. Following a dream isn’t easy and comes with a lot of sacrifice.

Q: What advice would you offer to someone just starting out as a content creator?

Don’t take any bad comments from the audience personally. Look at them as one more view and be consistent and patient.

Hoping to go viral or be better than another creator can be very frustrating. Just be you and things will come at the right time.

Q: What has been your proudest moment as a content creator so far? Why was it so meaningful to you?

I consider every positive comment as a proud moment, when someone says that they made the recipe and loved it, when someone says I made their day, or when they say I’m making their life easier and family happier with my recipes. Those are, and will always be always, the most important and proudest moments.

Q: How do you stay true to yourself and your audience when working with brands?

I try to work with brands that I normally use or I love. I always express myself with honesty about the brand.

Q: What do you wish brands knew about content creators and the creative process?

That we have bills to pay, and as any other services, we should have 50% of the payment upfront.

José Barraza is a content creator and member of the BENlabs Creator Community of over 14 million pre-vetted content creators available for authentic, values-matched brand collaborations.

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