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A CPG Influencer Marketing Success Story for Mission Foods and Guerrero

How does a CPG Influencer Marketing Campaign Drive and Track Sales at the supermarket?

ABOUT GRUMA: Gruma is the global food brand behind the Mission and Guerrero products. The Mission and Guerrero brands hold a range of wholesome Mexican tortillas, tostadas and flatbreads, along with high-protein, low-carb and keto options.


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Retail Sales Relative to Organic Investment


Retail Sales vs. Online Sales


Views on Campaign Creative


Piece of Creator Content

Savoring the Smarts

Gruma needed to get the right message in front of the right audience to drive real results for the Mission and Guerrero brands, not just online but offline, at the supermarket checkout too. BENlabs AI made it happen with:

  • Audience Cluster Analysis
  • Smart Creator Matching
  • A/B Autopilot

Full AI Story

Authentic Creator Content Really Cooks

For the Summer 2022 campaign, 21 creators including jerry_yguerabide, eatpaylove, feelgoodfoodie, ice.karimcooks, _mrmakeithappen_, and more created 40 unique pieces of content ranging from quick meal prep ideas and full-on chef-inspired recipes, to fun kid’s lunch ideas and nutrition tips, all with the Mission and Guerrero brands in a starring role.

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Tasty Recipes, Tastier Results

For every five purchases of Mission and Guerrero products as a result of the campaign, four (82.3%) happened offline compared with one (17.7%) online. Offline retail represented 82.3% of product purchases relating to the campaign compared with 17.7% online sales.

Gruma saw a 2.3x ROI in product sales relative to organic creator content spend.

Full Results Story

Authentic Influencer Endorsement Drives Measurable Action in CPG

Tracking online sales is relatively easy but the real story in CPG happens at the supermarket checkout counter. Tracking offline sales — what people are actually putting in their grocery carts — is challenging. Without measurable, attributable, and reliable offline data though, CPG products can’t accurately gauge the success of their influencer marketing programs.

When all is said and done, CPG influencer marketing success begins and ends with finding the right partner.

The Takeaway

Influencer Marketing Made Simple

The BENlabs team uses proprietary AI tools to help make influencer marketing smart, scalable, and successful. From finding the perfect content creators, automating A/B testing of content, copy and CTAs, and surfacing clear, predictive analytic insights early, when they can make the most difference, BENlabs is here to help.

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