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Three Ways Brands Can Celebrate International Creator Day on April 23

Apr 20, 2022 By BEN Influencer Marketing

On April 23, 2005, the first video was uploaded to YouTube—a moment which unofficially launched us into a new era of social content creation and consumption. Ever since, content creators have been on the frontlines of our rapidly growing digital world—building online movements, connecting with audiences over shared experiences, constructing safe spaces for meaningful dialogue, and starting viral trends across platforms.

Our teams at BEN and TubeBuddy are constantly in awe of all the amazing work that the creator community shares with us. And in honor of their work, we’re celebrating International Creator Day this Saturday, April 23—on the anniversary of that first YouTube video. Now more than ever before, creator-generated content is foundational to how we as a society consume information and interact with one another. 

By connecting creators with products and services that are actively making the world a better, smarter, and healthier place, we strive to elevate creator voices in a positive way. And this week, we encourage brands to do the same. From inspiring us, to entertaining us, to comforting us in times of need, creators have done so much to make our days more fun and fulfilling. Here are three great ways brands can show their appreciation for content creators:

1. Support Creator Initiatives

Creators everywhere are using their platforms for good—from donating proceeds from their video uploads, to launching internet-wide campaigns calling out real-world problems (see: MrBeast and Mark Rober collab for “TeamSeas” charity fundraiser to combat marine pollution), content creators are finding new ways to leave a positive footprint in their local   communities and beyond. Celebrate Creator Day on April 23 by supporting the causes that creators are passionate about. Take the time to learn about why the issue is important, and what your brand can do to help!

2. Amplify Creator Voices

Brand-creator partnerships are generally about creators amplifying the work of brands. On Creator Day, we encourage brands to flip the script and amplify creators. Whether that be sharing their work online or celebrating milestones together, there’s an opportunity here for brands to build stronger relationships with the creator community. 

Most importantly, think about how your brand can make a difference beyond Creator Day. In a world where virality rules and fads come and go by the second, it’s important to consider long term compatibility and growth. Rather than one-off transactions, prioritize meaningful, ongoing partnerships. Find out how your brand can build authentic, more rewarding connections with creators in the long term.

3. Join the Live Stream Celebration

Celebrate Creator Day by joining our Live Stream Party! The eight-hour event, which will be streamed from 8:00am to 4:00pm PST, will feature interactive games, giveaways, interviews, and collaborative activities with some of the most prominent content creators online, including MrBeast, Neekolul, devinsupertramp, Griffin Arnlund, and more.

Check out the live stream here to show your support on April 23!

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