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Ask BENlabs: How To Avoid the Biggest Mistakes Marketers Make in Creator Marketing

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What is the biggest mistake marketers make when it comes to creator marketing? More to the point, how do we, as marketers, avoid making the same mistake?

Alex Montas, EVP of Marketing at BENlabs, shares his thoughts. 

Marketers tap content creators in influencer marketing engagements to reach an audience. It stands to reason that the bigger the audience, the better. However, Montas cautions that the size of an audience doesn’t tell marketers anything about how engaged that audience is. In fact, there can even be a negative correlation between audience size and engagement.

Smaller creators tend to focus in a niche and earn attention and engagement from audiences who are interested in that niche. As a result, working with smaller creators can lead to incredible results.

That’s not to say mega creators can’t and don’t engage audiences. However, marketers need to do their diligence and not be dazzled by huge follower counts.

BENlabs AI matches brands and marketers with the most influential voices in any niche, from nano and micro creators through mega and celebrity influencers.

Biggest Mistake Marketers Make in Creator Marketing - Transcript

One of the biggest mistakes that marketers make — and honestly, a mistake that I’ve done myself on a personal basis — is confusing audience size of creators with audience intent. 

What do I mean by that? Basically, sometimes you hire really big creators without doing the due diligence to figure out whether their audience is engaged. 

That has happened to me. I’ve been in situations where I hired creators and I didn’t check whether their audiences had the right intent, and I didn’t get the results that I wanted. 

However, I also have been lucky that I found smaller creators with more dedicated communities that were able to grab the attention that I felt was deserved and honestly, 10X the results or some of those bigger creators that, even though they had a big audience, it was not as engaged.

Thankfully here at BENlabs, that’s a lot of what we do and that’s a lot of what we specialize in: matching audience, matching intent, and making sure that you get the best bang for your buck as you do campaigns with us.

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