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Best Marketing Podcasts for Marketers in 2023

Whether you’re looking for the latest and greatest marketing methods and opportunities or you just need a little marketing pep talk or inspo, the best marketing podcasts deliver.

The barrier to entry to create a podcast is relatively low. There are thousands of marketing podcasts out there but not all of them deliver value. Time is precious. A podcast needs to deliver clear value to justify spending yours. 

With that in mind, here are our picks for the best podcasts for marketers in 2023 offering professional guidance, informative data, and insight into the latest and greatest developments in the marketing world.

How to Choose the Best Marketing Podcasts for You

In the time vs. value equation, the best marketing podcasts for you may not match the top 10 lists or recommendations from other marketers. There are four criteria that can help you decide which to listen to.

1. Does the podcast offer information you need for your marketing career?

Different marketing verticals, business structures, and career stages need different information to thrive. Your own list of the best marketing podcasts will be just that — your own. Seek out podcasts that speak to your specific career stage, niche, needs, and goals.

Consider what you personally want: straight data, cutting edge tech reports, inspiration, or knowledge from diverse niche players through interviews.

2. Do the hosts and guests keep your attention?

If the hosts don’t speak to you, you’re going to find it hard to engage. To deserve a spot in your own playlist of the best marketing podcasts, the content shouldn’t just inform, it should also engage and entertain. Great hosts find a way to take even the most technical or data-heavy info and make it engaging.

3. Are the technical aspects accessible?

“Available wherever you get your podcasts?” Most are… but not all. If you have to switch apps or sign into a specific service (or worse, if it’s only available via the podcaster’s own website) you’re not going to enjoy the experience. The best marketing podcasts solve problems for listeners. They don’t introduce new ones.

4. Does the marketing podcast offer valuable extras?

Consider the best marketing podcasts in 2023 that also offer extras. These can include downloadable ebooks or guides, extra instructional or review videos, the option for direct communication with the hosts, exclusive community access for listeners and so on.

Best Marketing Podcasts: General Marketing Topics

Best marketing podcasts marketing school with Neil Patel and Eric Sir

Marketing School

Well-known marketing experts Neil Patel and Eric Siu share their expertise and actionable tips to charge up your own efforts no matter where you are in your brand marketing journey. It is one of the longest running podcasts in this sector with over 2,500 episodes and new ones added daily. They cover SEO, content, email, social, and other marketing techniques alongside in-depth strategizing methods that work today.

If you’re looking for an interesting daily marketing podcast to listen to in the morning or on your commute, look no further.

Best marketing podcasts Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Online Marketing Made Easy

Amy Porterfield is a successful CEO with more than a decade of business mentorship behind her. A NY Times Bestselling author and expert in the marketing world, her podcast offers more accessible content, tips, and guidance that helps beginners and established business owners grow and thrive.

Generally between 30 min and 1h, this podcast delivers the benefit of Portenfield’s experience and is worth a listen.

Best Marketing Podcast: Search Engines and SEO

Best Marketing podcasts search engine journal show

Search Engine Journal 

Another long-standing marketing podcast comes from the Search Engine Journal and host Loren Baker. This show focuses on optimization, PPC or paid search, and dives into adjacent topics like content marketing and social media. Episodes come in at just under an hour long and frequently feature expert guests from diverse industries.

Best Marketing Podcast: Artificial Intelligence

Best marketing podcast online marketing lab

The AI Marketing Lab

Generative and assistive AI have hit the marketing world in a big way. They only stand to improve and become even more useful over time.

As marketers, we need to keep up to date with the latest developments in AI as they pertain to marketing. We also need to understand how AI will fit into our own marketing workflow and help power up our digital marketing efforts. We need to dispel fact from fiction and true AI from AI-as-buzzword.

The AI Marketing Lab delivers. Host Alex Montas, EVP of Marketing at BENlabs, offers AI insights from the front lines and invites insightful guests for intriguing conversations in every entertaining and informative episode.

Best Marketing Podcast: Creator Economy

Best marketing podcast Creative Disruption Eves and Butler

Creative Disruption

Another BENlabs podcast, Creative Disruption is hosted by BENlabs CEO Ricky Ray Butler and YouTube expert and fortune 500 advisor Derral Eves.

With incredible access to creators (past guests include Mr. Beast, Jon Youshai, Zach King, Kevin Langue, Colie Nuanez and so many more) Creative Disruption offers insights and stories from leading creators, writers, producers and marketers on how the worlds of advertising, entertainment and data science are converging. 

Best Marketing Podcasts: Content Marketing

Best Marketing podcasts This Old Marketing Pulizzi

Content Marketing Institute Podcast

The “Godfather of Content Marketing” Joe Pulizzi offers regular episodes specific to creating and using high-quality content to market brands, products, and services. He is joined by Robert Rose in a highly informative and engaging podcast. Although not specifically geared toward beginners, this option does include a lot of industry news and guidance about emerging technologies including AI, platforms, and examples of content creators who made it big. Expect plenty of actionable tips as well.

Best Marketing Podcast: Email Marketing

Best Marketing podcasts Email marketing show

Email Marketing Heroes 

As email lists still top the marketing effectiveness chart, this podcast suits listeners across niches and at all career stages.

Hosts Rob and Kennedy take an entertaining approach to the serious topic of email marketing. These highly engaging hosts put out 20–30-minute episodes every Wednesday. Expect a combination of honest marketing tips, actionable advice, expert interviews, and a splash of humor.

Best Marketing Podcast: Social Media Marketing

Social Pros Podcast

There are very good reasons why the Social Pros podcast is one of the longest running ones in the marketing world. For more than 10 years, the hosts have engaged beginners and established marketers alike with their mix of information, behind-the-scenes corporate news, and actionable tips. It won the Content Marketing Award for #1 Audio Podcast series for good reason.

How You Can Benefit from the Best Marketing Podcasts

Tune in. Take notes. Take action. 

As with any marketing education or training options, podcasts only benefit you if you use what you learn in a practical sense. Not every episode will help your specific vertical or current business position. However, when you listen regularly, you will build up a high-value knowledge base and necessary understanding of the topics that matter.

Besides listening to the latest episodes as they air, search for specific topics of interest from past shows. Many of those suggested here have gone on for years. Focus on more recent shows to get up to date information. Always look forward. Keep learning. 

These best marketing podcasts of 2023 will help your business launch successfully, grow, thrive, and transform your life.

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