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Ask BENlabs | What’s your BENlabs elevator pitch?

What is BENlabs’ EVP of Technology and Head of Tech Evangelism Alex McFadyen’s elevator pitch? In short, our track record.

As a pioneer in leveraging advanced audience mapping tools to revolutionize large-scale campaigns within the creator economy, BENlabs has set itself apart. And that’s why it’s becoming the go-to solution for brands and a favored friend of creators.

A Track Record of Success

At the heart of BENlabs’ approach is its proven success in audience mapping, underscored by compelling case studies. These not only highlight the company’s proficiency in executing substantial campaigns but also its expertise in delivering measurable results that surpass expectations.

What’s more, BENlabs is able to distinguish itself by its ability to forecast the success of creator collaborations with remarkable accuracy. This predictive power ensures that brands can invest with confidence, knowing that their campaigns are primed for success.

BENlabs elevator pitch of audience mapping tool

Discovering the Undiscovered

Perhaps one of the most exciting facets of BENlabs tools is their knack for pinpointing creators who, while not yet on the radar of brands, align perfectly with their values and target demographics. This allows brands to partner with creators to build campaigns based on authentic and engaging content and find new audiences.

This personalization is made possible through the use of BENlabs’ proprietary AI which analyzes data at scale. This means that brands, regardless of their size, can leverage BENlabs’ innovative tools and strategies to reach their marketing objectives.

BENlabs elevator pitch of personalized creators

In essence, BENlabs is not just changing the game in influencer marketing; it’s redefining it. By harnessing the power of advanced analytics and AI, BENlabs offers a data-driven approach to connecting brands with their ideal audiences. As more companies seek to navigate the complexities of digital marketing, BENlabs stands ready to guide them towards success.

Ask benlabs | what is your benlabs elevator pitch? transcript:

The easiest elevator pitch that I have for BENlabs at the moment is just showing them some of the work that we’ve done–specifically around the audience mapping tool, and showing some of those case studies.

We are able to accurately predict huge influencer campaigns. We are able to find influencers that you didn’t even know existed. And yet when you look at their content you realize they’re absolutely perfect for you. And so, that’s the wonderful thing about the BENlabs elevator pitch is that we get to customize it for every single client because we have the AI that can do that at scale.

Influencer Marketing Made Simple

The BENlabs team uses proprietary AI tools to help make influencer marketing smart, scalable, and successful. From finding the perfect content creators, automating A/B testing of content, copy and CTAs, and surfacing clear, predictive analytic insights early, when they can make the most difference, BENlabs is here to help.

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