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Creator Spotlight: Mamapreneurship with Jenna Ricciardi

A Brooklyn native, Jenna Ricciardi shares her family travels and insider advice on things to do in and around New York, along with motivation, beauty and self care content to her over 140K followers on Instagram (@thejennaricciardi).

Ricciardi didn’t set out specifically to become a content creator; her path to creating content online was organic.

However she majored in broadcast (TV & Radio) in college and minored in sociology before going on to get her Masters in counseling. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect academic foundation to put someone on the path to becoming a successful independent content creator.

Intent on seeing others thrive alongside her, Ricciardi is the founder of Tri-State Mamapreneur Networking, a group of over 3,000 members that was created to help fellow business moms network, connect, and support each other in growing their businesses. 

Ricciardi values authenticity and wants her ever-growing online community to know that if and when she chooses to endorse a product, her endorsement is genuine. 

Ricciardi is a creator in the BENlabs Creator Community where brands and content creators are AI matched in powerful partnerships. 


Q: What inspired you to become a content creator?

I loved having a platform to showcase our family adventures and it took on a life of its own. I was a former Counselor with a TV & Radio background — this was not a path I ever imagined I would be on. It happened so organically.

Q: How would you describe your brand as a content creator?

My brand is a real reflection of my life. It is me through and through. I talk about real life from the good to the bad. I think and hope my branding reflects that.

Q: What are the biggest challenges you face as a content creator?

TIME MANAGEMENT. I am so Type A, I never want to ask for help. I do everything myself and it’s hard to disconnect.

Q: What advice would you offer to someone just starting out as a content creator?

Do not compare – comparison is the thief of joy truly truly truly.

Q: What has been your proudest moment as a content creator so far? Why was it so meaningful to you?

When I reflect back and see that I was able to provide my family with such beautiful experiences, it makes me proud. I do all of this for them, and they get to live such an exciting life which we do not ever take for granted.

Q: How do you stay true to yourself and your audience when working with brands?

I say no way more than I say yes. I will not do anything that reflects badly on me, my children or my family. Money will not change my mind if it’s not aligned with my values. I think of my audience, I think of my loved ones, brand deals are amazing but not at the cost of your principles.

Q: What do you wish brands knew about content creators and the creative process?

I wish I could scream from the rooftops that content creators need to stop being looked at with immediate focus on sales. Influencer marketing and content creation is not for (creators) to sell a million products, but rather to educate; share why we love something, and announce new launches and truly bring value to our followers. I am more interested in the long-term and bigger picture. I respond to messages daily about recent posts, and even much older ones, with questions about a product, a place, a service. 

(My followers) trust me and value my opinion. That is the goal. They remember my content even weeks and months later, and come back to it when they are ready to book travel or make a purchase, that is the goal! Influencer marketing is a great way to reach new potential customers, long-term customers and clients, but there has to be a better understanding of what it is and isn’t.

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