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BEN Group Is Now BENlabs, Reflecting Its Innovative Use of AI to Connect Brands and Creators With Key Audiences Through Engaged Human Attention

Global tech leader in leveraging data and artificial intelligence in media and entertainment embraces a new name and identity aligning with its innovative data science driven approach to empower brands, influencers and creators. 

Los Angeles — February 14, 2023 — BEN Group, the leading entertainment AI company that  empowers brands and creators to drive engaged human attention across social media, streaming, TV, music and film content, has rebranded as BENlabs. 

The new name and new website,, underscore the extent to which technology and innovation — particularly machine learning and AI — enable BENlabs to empower brands and creators with the means for reaching today’s increasingly advertising-wary consumers. These capabilities also enable creators and brands to capitalize on the decentralization of media and content platforms as well as evolving content and privacy regulations. 

AI is the brains of BENlabs,” said Ricky Ray Butler, BENlabs’ CEO.It’s about taking more of a data science approach, rather than an advertising approach when helping brands and creators. Our technology handles the numbers, the experiments, and all the background work so our clients can focus on creating killer content and unskippable moments to reach audiences on the platforms where they now spend time.”

Working with a global clientele of Fortune 500 brands including Microsoft, General Motors, Frito-Lay, Bloomingdales, Reckitt Benckiser and 13 million creators and brands on its TubeBuddy SaaS platform, BENlabs is one of the largest AI players in media and entertainment. 

The company’s rebranding comes on the heels of its most successful year yet. In 2022 the company launched over 20,000 integrations, saw new creator and influencer revenue up +132%, and overall new client revenue at +108% growth. The company’s breakthrough AI technology received two additional patents across its predictive models as well as video contextualization. BENlabs hired an additional 200 employees with a global footprint across the Americas, Europe and Asia. 

BENlabs specializes in utilizing insights from the raw images, video, audio, text and other “unstructured” data of the digital and media worlds and, through machine learning and AI, builds predictive models.  These models enable brands and creators to know where and how to devote their marketing and advertising energy and money to achieve the best return on investment. 

In 2022, BENlabs continued to advance its robust suite of AI tools for the creators and brands on its platform, including a ChatGPT driven AI title generator, video retention prediction models, prediction of thumbnail click-through-rate (CTR) and thumbnail heat maps to map human attention. Additionally, BENlabs saw breakthroughs in attribution, launching predictive models tying digital activations to brick and mortar, digital, and ecommerce sales.

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