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Ask BENlabs | What do you tell a brand that’s on the fence?

Product placement is not a given for every marketing campaign. It’s foreign territory for some marketers, and even more so for some executives. It can be distracting, or worse, when not done well.

But on the flip side? Studies have shown over and over again that well-executed and well-targeted product placements (the kind provided by BENlabs’ AI technology + decades of experience) increase brand awareness, improve brand perception, and drive sales. 

And it doesn’t matter whether products are tangible or intangible. No brand is off limits. Every marketing campaign can benefit from product placement.

So what do you tell a brand that’s still on the fence?

Well, as Aaron Frank, BENlabs’ SVP of Strategy, Research, and Insights, likes to point out, content is a near constant in people’s lives. And ad skipping has never been more prevalent. People want to watch the content they love, when they want to watch it. And for brands to get in on the watch party, they have to get into the content.

By becoming part of the story, brands leverage the audience’s emotional connection to that story. And that leads to breakthrough results.

What do you tell a brand that's on the fence? Ask BENlabs: Video Transcript

The biggest thing I tell brands who are on the fence about trying product placement is that getting inside the content allows you to reach audiences no matter where or when they’re watching. 

We know that consumers are watching more content than they ever have before, whether that’s waking up in the morning and checking their Instagram account. Or watching a TikTok over breakfast to watching streaming videos or YouTube videos throughout their day and into the evening. 

Folks are constantly engaged with the content that they love. By getting inside the content through product placement, it allows you to talk to those people and reach those people throughout their day. 

In addition, you’re able to leverage that emotional connection that people have with the characters, storylines, creators, or musicians that they already know and love to help them connect with your brand. And the research that we’ve done shows that when you can do that, when you can align your brand with a character or content that they associate with and that they love, you can have breakthrough results.

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