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Ask BENlabs | What are the biggest challenges facing automotive marketers today?

We sat down with Kristen Rubi, Director of Automotive Product Placement, to ask a key question: what are the biggest challenges facing automotive marketers today?

Her answer? Electric vehicles.

Flipping the Script for Automotive Marketers

Electric vehicles (EVs) are all the rage. In Q3 of 2023, EV sales increased for the 13th straight quarter. For the first time, they are likely to surpass 1 million before the year’s end.

But while zero-emissions auto sales are increasing, they still account for less than 1% of vehicles on the road. And automotive marketers face the steep challenge of convincing folks to go green.

Concerns include vehicle range, price, and charging station availability. Then there’s the cool factor and a general lack of awareness. Simply put, many people just don’t know how an EV would fit into their lives. 

Automotive Marketers and Electric Vehicles

Flipping Electric Vehicles *into* the Script

As Rubi points out, what better way to demonstrate the ease of EV ownership than placing a demographic’s favorite character behind the wheel of one? It’s the age-old Hollywood adage: show, don’t tell.

Successful product placements integrate seamlessly into a story. Watching a character drive, or live in and around an EV, allows viewers to test out the experience via proxy. 

And if America Ferrera can help Margot Robbie outrun, and outsmart, a bunch of corporate bullies while driving a Chevy Blazer EV SS, that means we can too, right?

What are the biggest challenges facing automotive marketers today? Ask BENlabs: Video Transcript

The biggest challenge in the automotive industry right now is the advent of electric vehicles. EVs have been a small part of the market, but they’re growing really quickly. So, it is important for automakers to really meet that moment as the demand is growing.  

That goes for established automakers and new companies to make sure that customers know the product they have. And know that they have EVs available that will meet their needs. But additionally, they need to speak to their customers about EV ownership itself and how EVs can fit into their lives. A lot of people don’t have experience with EVs. They might see it as foreign.  

So, one way that automakers can do that is to speak through entertainment. We at BENlabs have done that. We put electric vehicles into film and television. That way, people can watch characters that they’re familiar with interact and drive EVs and know that it can fit into their lives.

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