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How AI is Revolutionizing Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has become a popular strategy for marketers to reach audiences with brand messages. With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), this marketing tactic has evolved. AI tools can help marketers analyze data, identify the right influencers, and optimize campaigns.

What is AI?

AI or artificial intelligence, attempts to simulate human intelligence in machines and systems. AI is programmed to think and learn like humans. It can be put to work to solve complex problems,  automate tasks, and to make predictions based on data analysis.

How to Use AI in Influencer Marketing

AI is transforming the way brands find, connect with, and collaborate with content creator influencers. Here are some ways in which AI is being used in influencer marketing.

AI Influencer Discovery

AI can be used to find influencers who align with brand values and messaging. AI tools can identify influencers who have a high engagement rate, relevant followers, and the best chance of reaching the target audience.

Machine learning algorithms can analyze influencers’ content, demographics, and engagement patterns to provide a list of potential collaborators.

BENlabs Influencer Discovery

BENlabs Smart Creator Matching taps a database of over 13 million pre-qualified content creator influencers from mega to micro. It surfaces and ranks content creator influencers  that don’t just fit a profile, they align with brand values.

AI Audience Insights

With AI-powered tools, marketers can gain insights into audience preferences, needs, and behaviors. AI can take on the otherwise insurmountable task of analyzing mountains of structured and unstructured data to understand what an audience is interested in and how they engage with both content and brands online.

BENlabs Audience Insights

Smart Targeting zooms in on demographics and psychographics to reveal true online behavior and aligned interests that go way beyond the obvious. Deep learning AI maps online “neighborhoods” to unlock personal targeting with no cookies required, meeting audiences with the right message in the right place at the right time. Learn more.

AI Content Creation

AI-powered tools can be used to create high-quality content for influencer campaigns. With the help of machine learning algorithms, these tools can generate content that aligns with brand messaging and tone.

Tools such as Phrasee and Persado can create email subject lines, social media captions, and ad copy that are optimized for engagement. These tools use NLP (Natural Language Processing) to analyze brand voice and tone and create content that aligns with it.

AI Bot Checking

AI can help marketers determine if an influencer’s social media following is authentic by analyzing engagement rates, growth patterns, and other data points to weed out fakes.

BENlabs ROI Intelligence

BENlabs AI goes way beyond just bot-checking follower counts to deeply understand and quantify audiences as they relate to overall campaign performance. With this understanding and considering other BENlabs AI capabilities, overall performance and ROI become values — not variables — in the equation as we build your campaign together. Learn more.

AI Campaign Optimization

AI can help optimize influencer marketing campaigns in real-time. By analyzing engagement patterns and audience behavior, these tools can help adjust campaigns to ensure maximum ROI.

Examining social media mentions, customer feedback, influencer content and other data, AI can provide deep insights to help improve campaigns. AI can also measure and quantify the impact of a campaign on brand reputation and sales.

BENlabs Campaign Optimization

BENlabs Predictive Analytics surfaces accurate insights to give a clear picture of campaign performance much sooner and with predictive accuracy not possible anywhere else.

BENlabs Smart A/B can test practically unlimited combinations of content, copy, and call to action (CTA). It learns from the results to optimize influencer marketing campaigns autonomously to maximize results. Smart A/B segments audiences and gets the best performing creative in front of the most receptive segments early, when it can make the most difference to ROI. Learn more.

AI Competitor Analysis

AI can automate analysis, providing a clear, accurate picture of what competitors are doing, what’s working, what’s not, how they’re perceived in the market, and other useful intel.

Mining and interpreting data from structured and unstructured sources like social media, news articles, website analytics, campaign performance (to name a few), AI can help marketers by identifying trends, and examining competitor strengths and weaknesses. These analyses help marketers make informed decisions on pricing, product development, and overall marketing strategy.

BENlabs Competitor Analysis

BENlabs Competitive Audience Intelligence AI takes a deep dive on competitor campaigns to surface clear, actionable insights on who competitors are reaching, and how their messages resonate with the target audience. With this clear picture, brands unlock strategies to stand out, convert audiences, and win mind and market share. Learn more.

Tap AI in Influencer Marketing

AI helps marketers field more effective content influencer marketing campaigns. It can identify ideal content creator influencers, simplify influencer outreach, it keeps an eye on the competition, and optimizes spend by targeting creative to the most receptive human audiences.

How to Tap AI in Influencer Marketing

BENlabs AI helps simplify every step of the influence marketing process and promises real results and ROI. This deep learning AI approach unlocks high-performing influencer marketing at scale. Let’s talk.

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