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10 Health and Fitness Content Creators that Connect with Audiences

Looking to reach new audiences and boost your brand affinity within the health and fitness market? Our list of the top 10 health and fitness content creators is exactly what brand marketers need. 

These content creators are not just influential; they have a dedicated following that’s actively seeking out the latest in fitness trends, nutritional advice, and wellness tips. 

Aligning your brand with trusted voices allows you to deliver your message directly to an engaged and health-focused audience. 

Sergi Constance: A Ripped Scroll-Stopper

@sergiconstance | 5.7M followers as of November 2023

Sergi Constance is a fitness icon with a massive online presence, boasting an impressive 5.7 million followers on Instagram. To call Constance ripped is an understatement. Audiences can’t help but stop scrolling when his content pops up in their feeds.

Constance is a powerhouse in the world of health and fitness. Renowned for his chiseled physique and unwavering dedication to his craft, he inspires millions with his custom workout and nutrition transformation programs. 

With an infectious passion for wellness, Constance encourages his audience to pursue their own fitness goals… and clearly practices what he preaches.

His influence extends far beyond his social media following, making him a true trailblazer in the fitness community.

Lean Beef Patty: The OG Fitness Influencer

@leanbeefpatty | 5.7M followers as of November 2023

No list of notable health and fitness content creators and influencers would be complete without Lean Beef Patty. 

This dedicated athlete and Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) embodies the fusion of strength and determination. Patty brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the fitness world. Through her content,  audiences discover a range of meticulously crafted gym and home programs, entertaining content, and more than a little fitness inspo.

Dr. Mike: The Good Doctor

@doctor.mike | 4.4M followers as of November 2023

Dr. Mike, has an incredible 4.4 million Instagram followers and is a beacon of health and wellness in the digital sphere. 

He embodies a rare combination of intelligence, compassion, and expertise as a medical professional. He brings a wealth of medical knowledge to his audience, offering invaluable insights into various health topics. 

His Instagram following is only the tip of the iceberg; over 11 million people subscribe to the Dr. Mike YouTube channel and the more in-depth content he shares there. 

Dr. Mike has established himself as a trusted source of information, debunking myths and providing evidence-based advice. His multifaceted approach to health education sets him apart, making him a true influencer in the field of medicine and well-being. 

Miguel Yiallourides: Vegan Muscle Man

@miguelthevegan | 108k followers as of November 2023

Miguel Yiallourides is an expert in achieving optimal health through tailored training and plant-based nutrition. With a focus on personalized 1:1 coaching, he’s dedicated to helping his followers unlock their full potential. 

What sets Yiallourides apart is his expertise in gaining muscle mass without eating animal proteins. Through his specialized approach, he dispels the myth that plant-based diets are a barrier to achieving significant muscle growth. 

His knowledge and guidance provide a pathway for those seeking to harness the power of plants for a stronger, healthier physique.

Jordan Syatt: The Karate King

@syattfitness | 886k followers as of November 2023

Jorrdan Syatt is clearly very disciplined, which is how he has become a powerhouse in both the martial arts world and the realm of health and fitness content creators. But he’s also very human and encouraging in his work. 

Syatt champions a holistic approach to well-being. With a unique blend of discipline and passion, he inspires others to push their limits and achieve their fitness goals. 

A powerful and influential content creator, his “Inner Circle” community promises to unlock the secrets to a balanced, thriving lifestyle under the guidance of a true karate champion and health influencer. 

Ali Ramadan: Holistic Wellness Guru

@holisticali | 941k Followers as of November 2023

This holistic wellness guru is a beacon of natural healing, boasting a profound expertise in herbal practices and holistic living. 

With a passion for harnessing the power of nature, Ramadan is a skilled herbal formulator, creating remedies that promote overall well-being. A clear dedication to holistic health and wellness shines through in every aspect of Ramadan’s content, from insightful posts to engaging discussions. 

Hailing from Canada by way of Lebanon, and Palestine, Ramadan’s diverse cultural background adds a unique perspective to wellness. For those seeking a path to wellness rooted in nature, this herbal practitioner is an invaluable guide.

Leanne: Don’t Skip Dessert

@wholesome_lee | 191k followers as of November 2023

Leanne helps audiences to achieve their health and wellness goals while still savoring the sweeter things in life. Her unique approach caters to dessert lovers, helping followers enjoy a treat without tanking their fitness journey. 

This health and fitness content creator offers context for audiences, not just recipes. Her content is very much about mindset and putting audiences in control of their cravings. Mindfulness more than willpower.

Alyssa Olenick: It’s A Marathon, not a Sprint

@doclyssfitness | 98k followers as of November 2023

Alyssa Olenick is a Ph.D. in Exercise Science and specializes in unraveling the intricacies of metabolism and female physiology.

Her academic background infuses her fitness expertise with a deep understanding of the body’s inner workings. With a focus on strength training, running, cardio, and hybrid workouts, she crafts programs that cater to a diverse range of fitness goals.

Kate Sevigney: A Mom Who Does It All

@kate.sevigney | 48.2k followers as of November 2023

Kate is the epitome of real moms discovering genuine health. As a mother of three, she understands the unique challenges that come with juggling family life, hormones, gut health, metabolism, and mindset.

With her expertise as an MHC (Mental Health Counselor), she offers insightful guidance for holistic well-being. Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Maine, she seamlessly integrates family travel and the joys of coastal living into her health journey. 

Her authentic approach resonates with moms and health enthusiasts alike.

Mike Mutzel: A Beacon of Knowledge

@metabolic_mike | 291k followers as of November 2023

Armed with a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition, his expertise shines through in every piece of advice he imparts on his audience. 

As an advocate for health, he collaborates with @myoxcience to bring the latest in health research and supplements. For those seeking a deeper understanding of their metabolic health, Mike’s videos and courses are an indispensable resource.

The health, wellness, and fitness journey is personal and individual. That said, the right content creators and influencers, speaking to the right audiences, can help marketers to connect with that individual journey at scale.

So next time you’re looking to market to nutrition and exercise demographics, consider teaming up with the health and fitness content creators who are already advising, entertaining, and inspiring the wellness community.

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