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BEN has a global, full-service influencer marketing offering. We harness the influence of creators to build scalable, full-funnel brand content programs using our proven, data-driven approach. Powered by our custom-built AI, BEN’s team of industry-leading experts creates a blueprint for success that delivers on any of your brand goals and exceeds their potential.

Who We Are

At BEN, we’ve watched influencer marketing transform from an emerging channel to an essential avenue for building awareness and boosting performance. We know the industry—and we know that its evolution is far from over.

We are the team with the experience, the technology, and the vision to drive value in influencer marketing—for brands and creators alike. From coordinating campaign logistics and building collaborations that last, to delivering measurable results that meet the moment, we are experts.

Our Approach

We believe combining the art and science of influencer marketing is essential.

With technology that combines human-style learning and machine-powered scaling, we confidently create an approach that will build immense and measurable value for your brand. We take a decade of proprietary data, custom-built AI, and access to 10M+ creators, define the blueprint to your success, and help you get there.

Our approach prioritizes the alignment of brand, creators, and audiences from Day 1, removing barriers to progress and maximizing brand potential. The result? Powerful partnerships that guarantee predictable, reliable results.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continually inspire and empower you to create entertainment, content and art. Whether the goal is to generate awareness or drive direct sales, we identify the right creators for your campaign.

Finding this fit means understanding your audience—and theirs—to pinpoint the ideal opportunity for alignment. It means doing the research. It means trusting our tools. It means innovating—and sometimes, taking risks—to make the biggest impact.

We’re the architects behind true partnerships between brands, creators and their audiences, building meaningful connections that yield impactful content.

The BEN Difference

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We are focused on the shared audiences of brands and creators, maximizing authenticity and impact.


From awareness through to sales, we craft programs that deliver on the KPIs that translate into success for your brand.

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Our collaborative AI predicts Views, Clicks and even Conversions, allowing us to guarantee performance on every campaign.


Locally-led teams and a global footprint, with offices across the Americas, APAC and EMEA, enable unmatched opportunity and thought-leadership for our clients.

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Our access to 10M+ creators and deep-seated relationships allow us to develop the best branded content.

10+ Years of Proprietary Data

Over the ten+ years we’ve been running Influencer programs, we’ve collected an immense amount of data to power human and machine learning and drive winning strategies.

Collaborative AI Helps Drive Success

Built by BEN to specifically tackle the increasingly complex universe of Creator Content, our Collaborative AI platform is the heart of our approach. Our AI tools deliver insights that others can only wish for, arming our team with the information they need to deliver audiences that not only connect with but also perform for your brand.

Audience Maps: Identify creators that connect with your desired audience

Creator Discovery: Detailed insight into each creator’s verticals, engagement and more

Predictive Analytics: Guaranteed views, clicks and/or conversions for your programs

Channel Health & Safety: Background search and advanced bot scans protect your brand

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