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Move Stories Forward

BEN has been a trusted partner within the entertainment industry for over 40 years. Our relationships and expertise enhance creative direction by aligning brands with characters, artists and storylines.

Offset Production Costs

Product placement supports both storylines and the bottom line. Brand dollars and in-kind products can help secure the tech needed on set, the right talent for a project, or even the ideal location for shooting. Whatever the need, our experience and reputation help bring brands and the creative community together.

Build Brand Relationships

Product placement doesn’t have to be a one-off opportunity. BEN will help you forge longer-term relationships that can carry across multiple seasons, songs and productions. Let us help you build the brand connectivity you need to get your job done. 

Why Product Placement with BEN

Authenticity Matters

We understand that product placement works best when it is in service to the storytelling.

Access to Brands

BEN clients represent global leaders across categories – we give you access to the brands you want.

Global Production Support

With teams strategically located around key global production hubs, we’ve got your needs covered regardless of time zone.

Long Lasting Relationships

It’s not just about today’s opportunity, but all of the projects yet to come.  We cherish our relationships, invest in them & are committed to supporting the creative community.

Trusted by the Best

BEN is a proud partner of the Producers Guild of America, Property Masters Guild, The British Film Designers Guild, British Academy of Film and Television Arts, a member of the Guild of Music Supervisors and collaborator with every major and independent record label. Plus we are an official prop provision partner of the BBC. We remain committed to transparent, authentic and rewarding brand partnership to move your stories and cultural content forward.

Authentic Moments

Story-driven product placements ensure quality and authenticity, allowing brands to work with storytellers in a way that displaces competitors and enhances moments that develop both story and characters.

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