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From Awareness to Purchase, enjoy AI-driven campaigns, unparalleled access to talent and the most experienced team in the business.

BEN generated over 2 million impressions, drove thousands in conversions, and a 4.7X ROAS


BEN’s TikTok campaign reached 55 million users, its YouTube Lazarbeam video became the #1 trending YouTube video, and drove 10 million likes on TikTok.


BEN drove 5.5 million views, thousands of Noom subscriptions, and a 20% increase to the LTV of new customers.


The Power of Creators Multiplied by Our AI Tools.

Predictive Analytics

Guarantees views, clicks and/or conversions for your campaigns.

Psychographic Audience Mapping

Provides a deep understanding of the audience you are reaching, and where else within the social sphere they can be found.

Creator AI Match

Provides access to details around 10+ million creators, giving deeper insight into content, verticals, audiences, engagement, and more

The BEN Difference


Our collaborative AI predicts Views, Clicks and even Conversions, allowing us to guarantee performance on every campaign.


Locally-led teams and a global footprint, with offices across the Americas, APAC and EMEA, enable unmatched opportunity and thought-leadership for our clients.


Our access to 10M+ creators and deep-seated relationships allow us to develop the best branded content.

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