To call the world of gaming anything short of absolutely massive would be an epic understatement. With the gaming industry expected to surpass $320 billion by 2026, and the number of gamers worldwide to exceed 3.07 billion, this is a space that’s turning heads. And gaming creators have played a crucial role in this booming market. 

YouGov recently found that at least one in ten adults follows a gaming influencer. Take that in: one of every 10 humans on the planet follows a gamer. What’s more, YouGov found that gaming influencers have the highest number of followers who do not follow any other influencer. And 12% of gaming creators’ followers say that they do not follow influencers in any other field or topic. In short, gaming creators enjoy an unprecedented level of influence. 

So who are they? Who are these creators that thrive in a league of their own? Meet 22 gaming creators that every marketer should know:

  1. SypherPK

Followers: 6.2M 

Sypher is a Twitch streamer and pro-level gameplay creator on YouTube. Currently, his main focus is on Fortnite gameplay, which includes his “How to Win” series. Alongside his wife Daniela (Manishie), Sypher founded creator studio Oni and apparel company Metal Umbrella. His brand-driven approach makes him a great partner and professional when it comes to brand activations. Sypher is 26 years old and based in Austin, Texas. 

  1. Tarik

Followers: 2.3M

Tarik is a former professional Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) player and current Valorant content creator and streamer. At the end of August 2022, he joined SentinelsValorant team. One of the fastest-growing creators on Twitch, his fanbase is on the rise. He’s on his way to being a serious heavy-hitter in the industry. Tarik is 26 years old and based in New York City.


Followers: 258K

LEGIQN (Jordan Payton) is an up-and-coming creator and streamer. Though he has a smaller following than many of the names on this list, he brings positive energy and liveliness to each stream, which sets him apart. Recently, he did a Fall Guys 100 win challenge with other big-name creators that took over two days to complete—and he did not tire! LEGIQN’s range extends far beyond video games. He has made videos as Country Greg, sharing countryfied covers of pop hits. And he regularly stars in ads with brands.

LEGIQN is 29 years old and based in Kansas City, Missouri.

  1. TenZ

Followers: 3.1M

Like Tarik, TenZ (Tyson Ngo) is a former pro-CS:GO player turned Valorant content creator. He’s been a member of the Sentinels team since mid-2021. He regularly streams alongside other creators, including Shroud and his fiancée Kyedae. His Valorant success has made him a gaming legend in first-person shooter titles. He’s one of the most accurate shots in video game history! TenZ is 21 years old and based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

  1. Kyedae 

Followers: 1.9M

TenZ’s fiance, Kyedae got her start after a few appearances on her partner’s channel. She’s a prime example of how anyone can find success on Twitch. Though she needed lessons from TenZ early on, she is now one of the Valorant community’s most beloved streamers. She is 20 years old and is also based in Vancouver, British Columbia.  

  1. Ludwig

Followers: 3.52M

Ludwig got his start on Twitch as a streamer and esports commentator. In 2021, he signed an exclusive deal with YouTube gaming and became one of the most successful Twitch streamers to transition to YouTube. He has since expanded outside video game content to game shows and competitions, continuously pushing the envelope on creativity. 

He became the most subscribed Twitch streamer in 2021 after a “subathon” where he livestreamed for a total 30 days, adding 10 seconds for each new subscriber. Recently, his Bros v. Pros series, where three casual gamers battle one pro, garnered millions of views per video. Ludwig is 27 years old and based in Los Angeles, California. 

  1. CoryxKenshin

Followers: 14.5M

CoryxKenshin (Cory DeVante Williams) is one of the longest standing—and biggest—gaming creators on YouTube. His content includes gameplay videos of new and popular horror games. Each of Cory’s videos has millions of views and often ends up trending on YouTube’s trending page after upload. Cory is 30 years old and based in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

  1. iiTzTimmy

Followers: 2.4M

Timmy’s specialty is first-person shooter games. Though he got his start in gaming playing League of Legends, he owes his popularity to his Apex Legends streams. His charm and personality allow him to bring on a range of guests to his streams. His channel has featured everyone from gaming legends like Ludwig to rapper Post Malone. Timmy is currently signed to RedBull Gaming. He is 22 years old and based in Los Angeles, California.

  1. AuronPlay

Followers: 13.9M

AuronPlay (Raúl Álvarez Genes) is currently the second most-followed Twitch streamer in the world and third most-subscribed YouTube channel in Spain. His content is wide-ranging—Auron has streamed gameplay for Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto V, but he has also produced more comedy-style videos, vlogs, and casual chatting streams as well. 

The breadth of Auron’s content and his comedic-stylings have allowed him to build a long-standing and successful career. From casual content to gameplay, his channel has something for everyone and is a favorite among Spanish-speakers. Auron is 33 years old and based in Andorra.

  1. FaZe Kalei

Followers: 575K

Unlike many other creators, FaZe Kalei didn’t get her first gaming console until her teens. Since then, she’s made a name for herself “fragging out” in the Call of Duty franchise (especially Warzone). Kalei is now focusing more time on Apex Legends and is the only female member of the FaZe clan. Kalei is 23 years old and based in Colorado.

  1. Cr1TiKaL

Followers: 11.4M

Cr1TiKaL (also known as MoistCr1TiKaL and Charles White) got his start with gameplay videos in the late 2000s. He’s known mostly for his deadpan comedic commentary on games and current pop culture events. His content is just plain fun. He’s collaborated with a wide variety of personalities including Ludwig, Alpharad, and politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Cr1TiKaL co-founded his own esports organization, Moist Esports, and is half of musical duo The Gentle Men. He is 28 years old and based in Tampa, Florida. 

  1. NickEh30

Followers: 4.1M

Nick is one of the largest Fortnite streamers on Twitch. While he’s expanded to posting content on YouTube, he still streams daily and has become a staple for fans of the franchise. Interestingly, his daily Fortnite streams are all family friendly. He has a no-tolerance policy on cursing and negative outlooks. His consistent positivity has made him a recognizable favorite. Nick is 27 years old and based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

  1. Nickmercs

Followers: 6.6M

Nickmercs (Nicholas Kolcheff) is another long-standing favorite. He got his start streaming Gears of War in the late 2000s and has since grown an empire streaming gameplay across competitive shooters, including Apex Legends. Nick has held several world records in Fortnite and is a former MLG National Champion. He is now a member of the FaZe clan, following his departure from the 100 Thieves team in 2019. The gaming community Nick has built is unmatched. As the leader of MFAM, he has organized barbecues, conventions, and other events to establish a close-knit family. He is 31 years old and is currently based in South Florida. 

  1. LuluLuvely

Followers: 1.3M

Lulu is one of the largest female content creators in the world. She’s known for her expertise in first-person shooter and general shooter games. Her down-to-earth personality also makes each video feel like a casual conversation. She has even been open about her recent disappointment with Apex Legends and a possible desire to move on to other games. Lulu is a member of NRG esports organization as an Apex Legends player. She is 28 years old and based in Texas. 

  1. SweeetTails

Followers: 469K followers

SweeetTails (or just Tails) is a new face on the Twitch and gaming scene. She started as a TikTok creator and has since amassed a large following on both Twitch and YouTube. While she mainly streams Just Chatting, Tails also plays a variety of games including Call of Duty: Warzone. Tails’ eccentric and carefree personality make her a must watch. Her only goal is to make people laugh and has built her platform around her own wheezing laugh and sense of humor. She is 22 years old and based in Connecticut. 

  1. Sweet Anita

Followers: 1.9M

Sweet Anita is a gaming creator and streamer. She gained popularity after clips of her Tourette’s tics and outbursts during gameplay went viral. Today, her content is rated mature because you never know what she’ll say next. While her condition makes for some unexpected moments, Anita also uses her platform to bring awareness to Tourette’s and how it impacts her daily life. She primarily streams gameplay for Overwatch, Apex Legends, Among Us, and Bwekfast. She is 32 years old and based in South West England.

  1. Sommerset

Followers: 1.3M

Sommerset (Kayla) rose to fame as the first female Fortnite player to reach 100,000 arena points. She has risen ranks in a short amount of time—within a few months of her first stream, she secured a Twitch partnership and was regularly streaming with popular creator Clix. She is currently signed to Luminosity Gaming, specializing in Fortnite content and competitive streams alongside some Valorant. Kayla is 19 years old and based in Texas.

  1. Vinnie Hacker

Followers: 906K

Vinnie got his start in the lifestyle scene creating TikToks as a member of the Hype House. Since then, he’s become a rising star in gaming and developing a following on Twitch. He signed with 100 Thieves earlier this year and has been focusing on Valorant and Apex Legends content. Though he’s a relatively new gaming creator, he’s not camera shy. With over 15M followers on TikTok, he’s a natural. Vinnie is 20 years old and based in Los Angeles, California.

  1. NiceWigg

Followers: 623K

NiceWigg (Jack Martin) is a streamer and member of the 100 Thieves team. He’s a staple in the Apex community, known as one of the nicer, more wholesome creators who always brings great energy and positivity to any stream or Apex event. Jack is 24 years old and based in New York.

  1. KYR_SP33DY

Followers: 807K

Kyr Speedy (Lucas Speed Watson) has been creating content since 2006—his two YouTube channels have a combined six million subscribers. While his YouTube content focuses on Minecraft, CS:GO, Grand Theft Auto, and Call of Duty, Speedy’s Twitch streams feature gameplay of Among Us and PlateUp! as well casual Just Chatting content. Speedy’s long career in the industry makes him a total professional. Speedy is 30 years old and based in Los Angeles, California.

  1. Alpharad

Followers: 2.82M

Alpharad (Jacob Rabon) is a YouTube gaming creator with nearly 10 years of content creation under his belt. His content spans games like Pokémon, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Fall Guys, but he is best known for his content on following the Super Smash Bros. series. 

Jacob studied video editing and cinematography at the University of Oklahoma before dropping out to pursue YouTube full time. He loves the creative freedom of making his own content and this shines through in the unique ways he makes his content stand out. Jacob is 26 years old and based in Los Angeles, California.

  1. theRadBrad

Followers: 13.1M

TheRadBrad (Bradley Colburn) is a gaming YouTuber known for his walkthrough and reaction videos. His content is often used in publications to showcase gameplay. While walkthroughs are a more simplistic form of content, Brad excels at making his gameplay exciting and interesting for his dedicated following. Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube even dubbed him one of the top creators on the platform. He is 35 years old and based in Atlanta, Georgia.