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CES 2023 highlighted huge possibilities for electric vehicles. This market is in its early stages of growth so there is much demand for these vehicles. Companies like Microsoft and Sony are trying to capitalize on this growing market and have begun partnering with brands like GM and Honda.

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Ben Takeaways

In-Car Tech Provides Entertainment On The Go

The car cabin continues to evolve into a digital, connected experience that includes augmented reality and even virtual reality from companies such as Holoride. BMW reimagined the head-up display; Chrysler gave its vision for your future car cabin; and GM and Microsoft demoed a new video game called Dash Runner to showcase the kind of entertainment consumers might want to interact with while they’re waiting for their new EV to charge.

Image of New BMW Head Up Display
New head-up display from BMW presented at CES 2023

Autonomous Cars Still On The Way

Autonomous driving cars remain a tough nut to crack but Google HD map integration might allow car makers like Volvo to take a step closer to achieving safe autonomy. HD maps provide a greater level of detail about road landmarks and more, which can improve the awareness the vehicle has of the road. When combined with the EX90′s suite of cameras, radars, and sensors, the more detailed maps allow the SUV to have a more accurate understanding of its position on the road. Volvo says the EX90 is equipped with all the technology to enable hands- and eyes-free driving.

A Volvo with a Google command written above it
Google & Volvo partnership

AI Is Making Its Way Into Cars

BMW had one of the more forward-thinking concepts at CES. The i Vision Dee is a talking electric sedan with artificial intelligence. One notable feature is an advanced head-up display that can display driver information on the full windshield at a base level and is capable of projecting virtual reality on the windshield. BMW says the AI can get excited when it sees you and can express its mood via screens on the front grille.

BMW i Vision Dee
The BWM i Vision Dee debut at CES 2023.

Special thanks to Josh Gutierrez for his contributions to The Buzz – CES.

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