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 Films, TV shows, internet videos, songs, celebrities, images, landmarks, copyright, trademarks, and third party rights – we manage all your clearance needs quickly and efficiently.


Great Hollywood moments can help your campaign make a powerful emotional connection. Our strong relationships with leading film/TV producers, celebrity agents ensure we handle all the details in efficiently clearing the appropriate underlying rights for clips and talent.


Our unmatched connectivity includes top talent agencies, celebrities, athletes, musicians, digital influencers, and more. We’re primed to assist you with creative and talent, contract negotiation, project management, and on-set presence for your brand’s casting, endorsements, appearances and other marketing needs.

Astronaut on the moon

Looking for Marilyn Monroe lounging by the pool? Steve McQueen looking cool? The beauty of the Eiffel Tower at night, or perhaps the iconic Hollywood Sign? We’ll make sure all rights are cleared, granting you access to instantly recognizable images, landmarks, and other cultural and commercial touchstones from around the world.

Martin Luther King giving a speech

Many famous speeches, artworks, and logos harbor hidden legal risks in the form of clearance requirements you might not be aware of. We can quickly identify the rights you need and clear them for your commercial use.

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Why license with us?

GET YOUR GREENLIGHT and indemnification

We are a one-stop licensing shop and we offer a full scope of rights clearance services, securing permissions to use celebrities and icons, movies or characters, content and any other intellectual property (artist copyrights, trademarks etc…) for use in commercial campaigns.

We give you the industry’s leading indemnification – with over 20,000 clearances for more than 2,000 clients, our seasoned multilingual team of experts ensures you get an informed perspective into fair market value and the ability to assess and clear rights quickly around the globe.

Classic Loreal advertisement featuring Sofia Loren
Sophia Loren for L'Oréal


Great ads tell great stories, and you can give your campaign an undeniable edge by licensing iconic stars or recognizable content with global appeal that creates immediate affinity and emotional connectivity with your brand’s values. Brands’ and icons’ stories are often intrinsically intertwined; with our clearance capabilities, we help brands tell their customers these unique stories.

Halifax advertisement including Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz
Halifax and The Wizard of Oz licensing

build effective and memorable AD campaigns

In addition to pulling at consumers’ heartstrings, using iconic content in advertising is a very effective way to convey a brand’s messaging. We have worked on many award-winning ads and our licensing experts are ready to license all kinds of original content for you. From movies to TV/game shows and animated series or user generated content, we have got you covered. With over 30 years expertise, we have licensed a variety of content that you didn’t know you needed.

Bushmills and Peeky Blinders partnership
BushMills and Peaky Blinders Partnership


Amplify your storytelling opportunities with customized brand to production extensions including experiential activations, co-branded promotions, and social and digital content. When devoted fans discover your connection with their favorite entertainment, they’ll consider your product first.


Amplify your storytelling opportunities with customized brand to production extensions including experiential activations, co-branded promotions, and social and digital content. When devoted fans discover your connection with their favorite entertainment, they’ll consider your product first.


Years of industry leading experience


Service by team members (UK and US-based)


1-Stop Shop. With 1 uniquely-crafted contract for multiple rights clearances.


We work with some of the most recognizable names in the world to create unique marketing opportunities and launch successful branded product lines globally.


From apparel to home décor, our clients add more than style.


Align your collectibles with geniuses, your HBA products with beauty, or other key attributes of iconic personalities that are proven to engage consumers of all ages.


The inimitable allure and sophistication of our clients will imbue your next lifestyle line with character and quality that people will welcome into their homes.


From business-to-business software to amusing apps, icons bring credibility and built-in brand awareness to new product introductions.

Why partner with our clients?

PRODUCTS with star power

We’ve helped brands tap into the star power of our iconic clients to bring legendary qualities, like smart, cool, and stylish to brand endorsements and a broad range of licensed products and services.

Albert Einstein

Lasting Legacies

Legendary personalities have a timeless appeal and have undoubtedly left their mark on popular culture, while continuing to influence the world we live in today.

Through our merchandise licensing expertise, we keep their legacies alive by aligning with brand DNA, ensuring that each product reflects the essence and values that made these personalities iconic.

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Bringing Art to Life

Art enriches lives through aesthetic beauty and has the power to evoke thoughts and emotions. It connects us with cultures, the world, and people around us, and helps us to express ourselves.

We bring our artists’ work to life through new product categories and unique brand extensions, strengthening their visual identity and creating beauty for consumers to surround themselves with in their everyday lives.

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