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Make the Most of Your Marketing Spend

When times get tough, your marketing spend needs to get tougher. According to Adage, brands who increase spend during a recession gain a 1.6% marketing share increase over competitors.

Between influencers, performance, music video, daypart, and late night, there remains ample opportunity for brands to make an impact in today’s market.

Ongoing Opportunities

Performance Marketing

Utilize influencers and AI in order to maximize marketing ROI. You pay per conversion rather than view, making your marketing dollar work harder. Our CPAs continue to drop for clients as we optimize their campaigns.

Daypart and Late Night

Daypart has seen a huge rise with a 102.6% increase in viewership. Shows running digital including E!, Bravo, Krasinki’s SGN, Marthy Strewart and more! Tap into some of the only shows running.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer content is still being produced and consumer viewership is up 63% on YouTube and 31% on Twitch according to Tubular. These opportunities allow your brand message to reach the right people with targeted campaigns.

Music Video

There has never been a better time to align with the biggest musical artists on the planet. Music videos provide quick opportunities to create content moments across music video, livestreams, artist content, and more!

The Time to Act is Today

Scripts, treatments, and concepts are still being developed in order for rapid production. Planning your integration strategy today ensures impactful entertainment executions tomorrow.

With 40 years of experience and cutting edge AI that selects the best content, we deliver impact and relevance for your brand across all forms of entertainment.

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